iPad Converter Mac http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com Mon, 19 Jun 2017 07:28:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.4.10 How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-transfer-whatsapp-messages-from-iphone-to-android/ http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-transfer-whatsapp-messages-from-iphone-to-android/#respond Tue, 13 Jun 2017 02:17:27 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=996 It’s delightful when you buy a new Android phone in place of your old iPhone, but will you feel frustrated when you log in WhatsApp and discover the disappearance of all your previous WhatsApp messages on iPhone? For the reason that your WhatsApp messages may include plenty of chats as well as attachments related to personal life or official business, you may tend to suppose that transmitting WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android will be time-consuming and nerve-racking, even improbable. In order to save you from the mass and pointless speculation, I am going to recommend an effective method, which is by using the powerful and easy-to-use program – WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore. Your previous WhatsApp conversations could be moved successfully if you follow the steps written below.


The best way to transmit WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android is via this software: WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore, which enables you to copy WhatsApp Messages with attachment files from iPhone to Android on the computer. The outstanding point of this APP lies on its safe-time and simple operation. Let’s follow the easy operational procedures and appreciate its powerful function thereinafter.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1: Install WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore on your computer and launch it, from the options that have been provided, select the “WhatsApp transfer, backup and restore” icon on the toolkit and then click the trial version.

iOS Recovery Main

It would then bring you to the “transfer WhatsApp Messages” icon on the far left that specifies from iOS device to an Android device.

Note: When you click on it, it takes you to the Apple’s official website where downloading the latest version is enabled on iTunes. After installing the latest version, click on the retry icon below.


Whatsapp Transfer Backup Restore

Step 2: After completion, make a connection of the two devices you have to the computer while using a USB cable.

WhatsApp Transfer Connect iOS to Android

2.When your Android phone can’t be recognized:
– Plug your USB line into other available port of the PC. (If this doesn’t help, follow the next step.)
– Turn on your Android phone, tap in order: Settings > Software information > Built number (7 times), after that, return back to the last page, choose “Developer options” and turn it and “USB debugging” on. )

Android 6.0 Enable USB Debugging

Step 3: After this, locate the “Transfer” icon and click on it to start off the process. In the process, you should make a note of the WhatsApp messages getting deleted in the user-end device. You should, therefore, be able to confirm this happening when the popup window appears.


Note: Recommend you backup the WhatsApp messages in your Android phone before you decide to transfer and click “yes”.

WhatsApp Transfer Warning iOS to Android

WhatsApp Transfer Complete iOS to Android


With the help of WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore, moving WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android is quite easy. After you have installed the program and plug your iPhone and Android phones into the computer, all you need to do is click once and wait until the automatic transfer is completed. The process is very convenient and won’t cost you much time as well. It is better to develop a good habit of backups your WhatsApp data spontaneously. If you have any problem or suggestion, your additions are welcomed in the comments.

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Wondershare PDF Converter Pro for Mac http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/pdf-converter-mac/ Fri, 08 May 2015 07:55:30 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=921 Professional PDF Converter for Mac at a Start-up Price

Convert PDF files to iWork Pages and Microsoft Office documents without losing the format and layout.

Perfect Solution for All Your PDF Conversions

It’s not just an ordinary PDF converter! PDF Converter is the most powerful and user-friendly PDF conversion tool for personal and professional use.

PDF Converter Pro vs. Standard

Support OCRConvert image-based PDFs to editable text-based Word, RTF, Excel, PPT, HTML, Text, and EPUB formats.
Convert to iWork PagesConvert PDF files to iWork Pages documents for editing on Mac or iOS devices.
Powerful ConversionConverts PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, Text, EPUB, and image files (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF).
Perfect PreservationPreserve the quality of the original text and images.
Batch ConversionConvert multiple PDFs to various document formats all at once.
Fast Conversion SpeedConvert a 100-page PDF file in less than a minute.
Restriction Free AccessConvert encrypted PDF files.

Convert PDFs to All Mainstream Document Formats
You can easily convert your PDF files to popular document formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB eBooks, HTML web pages, and images. The Pro version also allows Mac users to convert PDFs to iWork Pages documents.
You can customize your layout and format of the output file according to personal preference.

Advanced OCR: Precision Digitalization

Available only with Pro version

Built-in cutting-edge OCR technology allows you to convert image-based PDFs into digitized text-based formats with extremely high accuracy. This makes the text in the output Word, Excel, and other file formats searchable and editable.

Password-Protected PDF Files Conversion

You can convert PDF files from being copied, edited or printed to multiply file formats with password-protected prompts.
However, if the file is restricted from being opened, you are still required to enter the authorized password for the conversion to start.

Support Batch and Partial Conversion

Batch processing option supports up to 50 conversions at a time. Partial conversion mode gives users the most flexibility as it converts documents page by page.

Smart and Simple Interface

There is no learning curve! PDF Converter’s user-friendly interface simplifies your PDF conversion to easy drag-n-drop and one-click actions.

Perfect for Personal and Professional PDF Jobs

PDF Converter is specifically designed to handle PDF conversion tasks for individuals and/or small & medium-sized businesses.
For business and commercial customers, we offer flexible and customized volume licensing options to fit your budget and PDF needs.

  • Finish t
  • he PDF file conversion
  • Import PDF files
  • March 30,2015 11:38 am
  • So helpful

    I use this almost every day for my business and it has been incredibly helpful. I used to have to go through several steps to do the same thing I can do in only a few with this software. THANKS!

    How to Use PDF Converter Pro for Mac

    Wondershare PDF Converter Pro for Mac can convert both scanned and standard PDF to text-based Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, and HTML in Mac OS X.

    How to convert PDF files with 3 simple steps


    Import PDF files

    Drag your PDF files into the Wondershare PDF Converter for Mac, the standard or the pro version. Up to 50 PDF files can be uploaded at a time.

    Import PDF files and select the conversion type


    Select output format

    Click the Select an output format for the exported documents icon on each PDF item bar to select the format you need for the output file. You can select MS Office Word, MS Office Excel, MS Office PowerPoint, HTML, Text, EPUB, RTF or image (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif, .tiff) as the output format. If you’re using the PDF Converter Pro for Mac, you’re able to select iWork Pages as the output format as well.


    Convert PDF files

    Click the Convert button to start the conversion. The Convert button will become a Cancel button when the conversion starts. If you want to stop the conversion, click the Cancel button.

    How to perform OCR to scanned PDF on PDF Converter Pro for Mac

    OCR is only available on PDF Converter Pro for Mac. Launch PDF Converter Pro for Mac and drag scanned PDF files to it. When a scanned PDF file is uploaded to the app, you can see a red icon appears beside the OCR button at the button of the window. Swipe the OCR button to ON. If it’s the first time for you to use this OCR feature, a pop-up will tell you that you need to install OCR Plug-in first. Click the “Install OCR” button.


    After then, a prompt will tell you the how it goes on with the downloading process. When the OCR Plug-in is fully downloaded, click “Install and Relaunch”. And then drag the scanned PDF file to the program and enable the OCR feature.

    OCR plugin

    Before converting scanned PDF files, you need to choose the right language for the output documents. To do this, go to PDF Converter Pro > Preferences… > OCR menu.

    OCR Languages

    How to convert encrypted PDF files

    Wondershare PDF Converter for Mac supports converting encrypted PDF files. If the PDF is only restricted from copying, editing or printing, you can upload it to the app to convert directly. If the PDF is protected from opening, you need to click the lock that appeared on the PDF item bar to enter the right password.

    enter password

    Flexible output options for output Excel, EPUB, and Image

    You can customize the output Excel, EPUB, and images files by going to PDF Converter Pro > Preference….

    PDF to Excel:
    Retain value without formatting is the default option. It saves all the original text, numbers in PDF tables to Excel cells after converting PDF to Excel, without preserving the original formatting.
    Retain original formatting of forms allows you to preserve text, numbers and formatting in the original PDF file. This option is not suitable for some un-regular PDF tables, as there might be some positioning error that may affect the usual calculation after conversion

    PDF to Excel

    PDF to EPUB:
    Text and images to EPUB converts the text and images of the original PDF file to EPUB format. Users can copy the text or save the images from the converted files.

    Each page as an image to EPUB converts each page of a PDF file as a whole image. The converted file looks the same as the PDF, but users cannot copy the text or save the images in the file.

    PDF to Image:
    Extract Images allows you to extract each page of PDF files as one image or only extract images off PDF files.
    Image Format offers options for the output image format.

    PDF to HTML
    Text and images to HTML means saving the original text and images to HTML document. Users can copy the text or save the images from the converted files.
    Each page as an image to HTML means converting each page of a PDF file to an image. Users cannot copy the text from the HTML file.

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    iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/ipad-to-mac-transfer/ Fri, 23 Jan 2015 08:23:27 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=889 When you lost the iTunes music or when you want to backup your iPad collection on Mac in case files are damaged or crashed, you need a iPad to Mac transfer to copy iPad files to Mac, transfer iPad to Mac. iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer can allow you to transfer/copy Music, Movie, Photo, ePub, PDF, Audiobook, Camera Roll, Podcast and TV Show from iPad to Mac. Moreover, you can freely copy files to iPad library on Mac, or easily add iPad files to iTunes.

    With this iPad transfer for Mac software, you can create, edit and delete iPad playlists. What’s more, iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer even enables you to open iPad with Finder and use it as a portable hard disk. Also you will find that quick search and filter tools help you hit what you want as easily as iTunes does.

    iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer can keep well compatible with all types of iPad/iPod/iPhone, such as iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod shuffle 6G, iPod nano, iPod nano 5G, iPod nano 6G, iPod touch, iPod touch 4, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S/5C, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus,  iPhone 7/7 Plus, even the updated iOS 10.

    Your iPad, your way. The iPad to Mac Transfer provides an ideal solution for you to manage, rip, copy, backup iPad, iPod and iPhone on Mac. Free download it and share iPad files with your friends!

    Get Windows Version

    The latest functions

    • Fully support the newest update iOS 10 and iTunes 12
    • Transfer iPhone SMS from iPhone to Mac as .txt file
    • Transfer iPhone Call List from iPhone to Mac as .txt file
    • Transfer iPhone Contact from iPhone to Mac as .txt and .csv files
    • Transfer photo files from Mac to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with iOS 5.0 or above
    • Transfer ePub, PDF files from Mac to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with iOS 5.0 or above

    Main Functions

    • Support the updated gadgets
      iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer fully supports latest iOS 10 and iTunes 12;
    • Transfer iPad files to Mac
      iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer can transfer Music, Movie, Photo, ePub, PDF, Audiobook, Camera Roll, Ringtone, Contact, Podcast and TV Show from iPad to Mac for share and backup;
    • Copy files to iPad
      iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer can transfer Music, Movie, Podcast and TV Show from local folder on Mac to iPad without using iTunes;
    • Transfer iPad to iTunes
      iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer can easily transfer Music, Movie, Ringtone, Podcast, TV Show, PDF, ePub and Audiobook from iPad to iTunes in just one click;
    • Compatible with all types of iPad/iPod/iPhone
      iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer works with all types of iPad/iPod/iPhone including iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod shuffle 6G, iPod nano, iPod nano 5G, iPod nano 6G, iPod touch, iPod touch 4, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S/5C, iPhone 6/6 Plus, etc;
    • Use iPad as a portable hard drive
      iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer can open iPad with Finder to make iPad a portable hard disk for managing all iPad contents freely;
    • Identify iPad info
      Connected with Mac computer, iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer can automatically show you iPad model, capacity, version, format and serial number;
    • Create and edit iPad playlists
      This iPad to Mac Transfer allows you to create a new playlist to add music, videos for quick access;
    • Quicker search
      iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer can locate movie, music or photo in your iPad with quick search or filter iPad files by artist, album, genre, composer to get what you want quickly;
    • Two modes to view
      iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer provides two modes to view iPad: list and thumbnails. You can add illustration for music/photos/videos in thumbnails mode;
    • Edit ID3 tag
      View the detailed file info, and edit ID3 tag for music transfer from iPad to Mac and iPad to iTunes;
    iPad iPad 2 the new iPad iPad mini
    iPad 4 iPod classic iPod nano iPod nano 4G
    iPod nano 5G iPod nano 6G iPod touch iPod touch 4
    iPod shuffle iPod shuffle 6 iPhone 3 iPhone 4
    iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5S/5C iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus/7/7 Plus

    File Format Support

    MP3 (MPEG Audio File) M4A (AAC Audio File) M4V (MPEG-4 Video File)
    MP4 (MPEG-4 Video File) MOV (QuickTime Movie File) AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)
    AIF (Audio Interchange File Format) WAV (Windows Audio File Format) BMP
    Operating system Mac OS X v10.5 – Mac OS X 10.12(macOS Sierra )
    Processor Intel® processor
    Available HD space 30MB free hard disk space for installation
    Display Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution or higher
    iTunes iTunes 9.1 or later version is needed to support iPad OS 3.2.2
    iTunes iTunes 9.0 or later is needed to support iPhone OS 3.1, iPod nano 5G FW 1.0
    iTunes iTunes 9.2 or later is needed to support iOS 4.0.2
    iTunes iTunes 10 or later is needed to support iOS 4.1
    iTunes iTunes 10.1 or later is needed to support iOS 4.2
    iTunes iTunes 10.2 or later is needed to support iOS 4.3
    iTunes iTunes 10.5 or later is needed to support iOS 5

    How to transfer iPad music/video to Mac?

    Maybe your iPad have stored so many music and video files in the library folder. It is a good advice to backup iPad music/videos on Mac that can prevent iPad music/videos from its damaging and loss. Learn the guide how to transfer iPad music/video to Mac with iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer.

    1. Install and run the software
    Download and launch iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer.

    Once connect your iPad to Mac computer, and all information about your iPad itself, such as Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, and Format, will be shown on the main interface. And all iPad folders you stored into are shown in the left of iPad list panel. Hope you purchase this powerful iPad music/video to Mac Transfer software and use the full version without any limitations.

    iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer

    2. Transfer iPad music/videos to Mac
    1) Click “music” icon to open iPad music library folder and see all the iPad music files are on the interface. Select and check your favourite music and press “Export checked files to local” button to transfer music files from iPad to Mac. Before you transfer iPad music/videos to Mac, you can set a target folder to save the iPad music backups.
    2) Open iPad movie folder and search for the favourite movies you wanna transfer, and press “Export checked files to local” button, and a dialog box pops up and choose a target folder for iPad video backups, when it is done, press “Save” button to start iPad video to Mac transferring.

    iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer
    iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer
    How to Delete Contacts from iPhone http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-delete-contacts-from-iphone/ http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-delete-contacts-from-iphone/#comments Sat, 19 Jul 2014 09:19:33 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=821 I got a second-hand iPhone from my cousin. He didn’t empty his iPhone, so original data remain and take up half of memory room. I firstly need to delete all his contacts. But I have no idea to delete all the items and my cousin said maybe I need to delete one by one. As unthinkable as this is, if it’s impossible to delete the whole file, I would do as my cousin said. Friends, if you know how to remove contacts in easier way, please tell me. Thanks a lot!

    If you have no idea to remove all contacts from iPhone, the article will be very useful for you. Deleting contacts one by one is simply take so much time than it’s worth. Actually, the way is quite simple if you have a tool. I recommend you TunesGo which enables you to remove one or more contacts from iPhone with two simple steps. Before removing contacts, you can also backup all your contacts to the computer.The article will tell you how to delete contacts in detail by citing Windows version as an example. Mac users can also take the similar way.

    How to Delete Contacts on iPhone Quickly

    TunesGo is compatible with iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S/3GS. Download the program and install it on your PC first.
    Step 1. Run the program & Connect iPhone with the PC
    Run the program on your computer and connect your iPhone with your PC via an USB cable. If successfully connected, your iPhone will be shown in a primary window. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer.
    TunesGo for iPhone Contacts

    Step 2. Delete Contacts from iPhone
    Choose “Contacts” in the left pane and you will see several items including “On My iDevices”, “Exchange”, “Yahoo!”, “iCloud” and other accounts. Choose one of the account and the basic information of contacts will be shown in the management window as the following screenshot shows. You can select all contacts and click “Delete” to remove them.
    Note: make sure your iPhone connect to your computer during the whole process. If you want to delete contacts from the accounts, like iCloud, Exchange and yahoo, the program will remind you to log in firstly.
    Delete iPhone Contacts

    See! What a simple way! TunesGo is really a reliable iTunes helper that frees you from cumbersome process and complicated operation.
    Try TunesGo (Mac) to delete iPhone contacts!

    http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-delete-contacts-from-iphone/feed/ 31
    How to Delete Photos from iPad http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-delete-photos-from-ipad/ http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-delete-photos-from-ipad/#comments Mon, 09 Jun 2014 09:13:26 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=807 When I upgraded to iOS 6 on my iPad it started to bring over all my photos from iphoto when I didn’t want them — it also duplicated many on my iPad but I can’t find a way to delete them from my iPad and I won’t be syncing my iPad Photo to iPhoto because I don’t want all those photos on my iPad plus I don’t have the space for them. How can I delete from my iPad?

    If you do not know about how to delete photo from iPad, from this tutorial, you will learn the solution of the problem, in this tutorial, we will tell you how to get rid of your old single image, group of photos and an album of photos. These are the basic techniques through which you are able to delete photos from your iPad, by following these techniques you will surely save you time and space on your iPad. Here are the steps for deleting the photos from the iPad.

    iPad Data Eraser is designed to delete photos on iPad, it enables iPad users to delete photos in three modes, you are provided “High, Medium, Low” three different modes to delete iPad data. The higher the mode is, the longest it will take and the better result you will get. You can get through the detailed steps to know about it.
    Download the free and trial version to give it a shot!

    FYI: You should make a backup of your iPad data, since they cannot be recovered any more, this is useful for the sake of retrieving any of them in the future.

    How to Delete Photos from iPad

    Step 1.Connect your iPad to computer

    After downloading the iPad Data Eraser on your computer, connect your iPad to it then, and run this program on your computer. Your iPad will be detected automatically, and you will get an interface below.
    how to delete photos from ipad

    Step 2.Choose the right option on your device

    You should choose the “ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE” option, so that you can continue the subsequent steps.
    how to delete photos on ipad

    Step 3.Delete photos on your iPad

    There are three choices available for you to delete your data. Among the “High, Medium, Low“, you are recommended to choose the “Medium” level, which takes the moderate time in deleting. Click “Start” button to begin the processing.
    deleting photos from ipad
    iPad Data Eraser enable every iPad users to delete data including photos, contacts, songs, messages and so on of iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, once you are in need, you can have a try!

    http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-delete-photos-from-ipad/feed/ 33
    How to Put iPod Touch into DFU Mode http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-put-ipod-touch-into-dfu-mode/ http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-put-ipod-touch-into-dfu-mode/#comments Sun, 08 Jun 2014 05:11:40 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=796 Some people may ask “why I have to put my iPod Touch into DFU Mode when getting iTunes errors while trying to restore? And how can I place my iPod to the DFU Mode?”. Now you can get your answer here.
    DFU Mode enables you to perform specific tasks on your iOS device as below points:
    1. In the DFU Mode, neither your iPod’s OS will be loaded nor the bootloader but your iPod Touch will be used with the iTunes to restore, upgrade or downgrade your iOS Firmware.
    2. The DFU Mode also helps you when you won’t have the option for Recovery Mode due to some reason or if you want to Jailbreak your iPod using some 3rd party Jailbreak tool.
    3. The DFU Mode is also an important step when you are flashing a custom IPSW or Restoring your iPod Touch using the iTunes.
    After learning the advantages of DFU Mode, let’s proceed to the steps to Put your iPod Touch into DFU Mode.

    How to Put your iPod Touch into DFU Mode easily?

    • Step 1: Connect with computer
    Connect your iPod to your computer with the USB connection cable.

    • Step 2: Connect with iTunes
    Click on the Windows or Mac “Start” button, select “All Programs” and choose “iTunes”, then connect your iPod Touch with iTunes.
    • Step 3: Press two buttons
    Press and hold the “Home” button and the “Power”iPod touch at the same time.

    • Step 4: Release one button
    Release the “Power” button after 10 seconds. Continue holding the “Home” button, hold it until iTunes starts showing this message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes”.
    • Step 5: Done
    Click “OK” on the pop-up that appears on the computer to confirm the iPod Touch is in DFU mode.

    Note: It is very easy to exit DFU Mode, too. What you need to do is just hold “Home” and “Power” Button till the Apple Logo appears.

    Try Out iPad/iPhone/iPod Recovery Software

    iPad/iPhone/iPod Recovery enables you to preview and restore the backup file, no matter you are using iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or the older version, you can restore them all or restore them selectively. Moreover, it also enables you to scan and recover data from iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S directly, when you don’t have iTunes backup.
    You can click the below buttons here to get a free trial then preview and scan the deleted data for iPod Touch.

    http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-put-ipod-touch-into-dfu-mode/feed/ 45
    iPod Touch Stuck in Recovery Mode http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/ipod-touch-stuck-in-recovery-mode/ http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/ipod-touch-stuck-in-recovery-mode/#comments Sat, 07 Jun 2014 13:48:25 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=791 My iPod touch is in recovery mode and when I connect it to iTunes,it doesn’t come up on the devices and I’ve tried holding down the sleep and home button and it doesn’t do anything. When I hold the power down it doesn’t ask me to slide to power off it just goes back to the recovery sign. I don’t know why it works like this and I don’t know what to do either. Someone please help. Thanks in advance!

    We have got many enquirers asking about this kind of questions. Today I will give you an explicit answer about how to fix iPod touch stuck in recovery mode. Generally speaking, after you jailbreak, reset, or restore your iPod touch, your iPod will always get stuck on Apple logo. When you faced the condition, no matter whether you turn on or turn off your iPod, the picture will always be the Apple logo. If you connect your iPod to your iTunes, you will be reminded that your iPod is in recovery mode and need to be restored as soon as possible.

    When encountered this, you need to restore and get back your lost files immediately. The problem is how to fix your iPod stuck in recovery mode? Is there an effective way to recover iPod at the same time? Yes, iOS Data Recovery for iPod can help you solve all this kind of issues, it is a good option for you to fix the issue with one click, and restore lost data of your iPod touch. It works for both iPod touch 5 and iPod touch 4.

    Now free download the trial version below to have a shot:

    Tutorial 1: Fix iPod touch Stuck in Recovery Mode without Data Loss

    Download and install iOS Data Recovery software on your computer, and then follow the steps below to fix it.
    1. Connect your iPod touch 5/4 to the computer, and run the program.
    2. When your iPod touch is detected, the program will lead you to fix the problem with one click. After that, you can get the new interface (for Mac) below, just click “Set Up” to restart your iPod touch to the normal condition.


    The following is the new interface for windows, click “Restart” to make your iPod touch normal.

    recover-from -ios-device
    When finishing all the steps above, your problem has already been solved. What you should do now is to recover data of your iPod touch in steps. You can get more details in tutorial 2. Note: This is the whole steps of Fix iPod touch stuck in recovery mode without data loss, hope it can satisfy you. If not, you can get a rough idea of the second choice in the contents below: How to recover data from iPod touch 5/4, it provides you an alternative method to Restore iPod Data When Stuck in Recovery Mode.

    Tutorial 2: How to Recover Data from iPod touch 5/4?

    Step 1.Choose the suitable device mode for your iPod touch

    Here let’s take iOS Data Recovery for Mac as an example, if you are a windows user, you can also take steps as follows similarly. When you connect your iPod touch to Mac, you’ll get the window below. Choose the device model for your iPod touch.
    Next, you will get two recovery modes: Recover from iTunes Backup File and Recover from iOS Device. Let’s choose the second one.

    Step 2.Scan your iPod touch

    If you are an iPod touch 5 user, you will get a window like below. Click “Start Scan” to begin scanning your iPod touch 5.
    If you are an iPod touch 4 user, you will get another kind of window. You need to follow the guide below to scan your iPod touch 4.
    1. Hold your iPod touch and click Start.
    2. Hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time for exactly 10 seconds.
    3. Release the Power button, and keep the Home button pressed, until you’re told that you’ve entered the scanning mode successfully.

    Step 3.Preview and save data of iPod touch on your Mac

    After the scanning, you will notice that all the data are displayed in categories. Choose what you want and click “Recover“.


    Note: For iPod touch 4, you can recover camera roll, photo library, photo stream, contacts, messages, notes, call log, reminders, calendars, voice memos and Safari bookmarks. For iPod touch 5, you can recover contacts, messages, notes, call log, reminders, calendars and Safari bookmarks.

    http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/ipod-touch-stuck-in-recovery-mode/feed/ 38
    How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-transfer-photos-from-computer-to-ipad/ http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-transfer-photos-from-computer-to-ipad/#comments Wed, 04 Jun 2014 07:55:55 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=789 I took many pictures during my last vacation and I saved them on my computer. Since it’s easier to show the best scenery to my friends on iPad, I decide to copy all the photos from my computer to iPad. Is there a tool that can add photos from computer to iPad in one click?

    To transfer your photos on your computer to your iPad or iPad mini but don’t know how to get it done. You can try to use the TunesGo. TunesGo is designed to transfer and manage photos on your iPad. You can easily import or export iPad photos on your computer. TunesGo supports iPad air, iPad mini, The New iPad, iPad 2 and iPad. You can also manage multiple iPads in one computer.

    Step 1 Install the transfer and connect your iPad to computer
    Install the program on your PC and connect your iPad to computer with a USB cable. The transfer will detect your iPad’s model and display it on the main window.


    Step 2 Add photos to iPad
    In the left column, tap “Photos” to bring up the photo window. Click the triangle under “Add” and click “Add Folder”. A file browser window pops up. Choose the photo folder you wanted to transfer. You can also open thePhoto Library tab under Photos column, and import some specific photos rather than the whole folder.

    transfer music from computer to iPad

    Make sure the connection between your iPad and computer is firm during the process. You can also add photos by dragging and dropping photos or folders to the transfer. In other words, it’s a handy and easy-to-use tool.

    http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/how-to-transfer-photos-from-computer-to-ipad/feed/ 31
    How to Transfer iMessage from iPhone to Mac http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/transfer-imessage-from-iphone-to-mac/ http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/transfer-imessage-from-iphone-to-mac/#comments Fri, 30 May 2014 14:51:25 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=782 Sending messages to contact friends is the most popular way replacing taking phone calls and sending E-mails. iMessage is an advanced communication software integrated inside iOS5 and Mac OS 10.8 Message app enabling users to send messages, Text, Word, Link, Contact, Video, Photo, etc. free of charge to the devices with iOS or Mac OS. It means that iPod touch users will be able to exchange iMessages with iPhone and iPad owners and vice versa.

    When your boss sent you a bunch of important messages, links, videos or something else and you want to save or make a backup on Mac local, I strongly recommend you to use iPhone to Mac Transfer program which is the ideal solution for backing up your data to Mac. It can transfer iPhone iMessage files such as Text, Word, Link, Contact, Video, Photo, etc. to Mac local and keep them safe.

    Download the software and follow the tutorials below to learn more info about iPhone iMessage Transfer program.

    Windows Version Mac Version

    Easy Guide: How to Transfer iMessage from iPhone to Mac ?

    Step 1: Run and get started the software
    Download and install iPhone to Mac Transfer on your MacBook. Then run the program and connect your iPhone to computer. If iPhone is successfully connected to your PC, the program will immediately detect it and reveal all its basic information on the window. As the below image shows, in the left column, you can see a few options, such as Music, Movie, Books, Ringtone, Voice Memos, Camera, SMS, Contact, Photo, Playlist, Podcast, Purchases and iTunes U. If you purchase this iPhone iMessage Transfer, all functions you will use and all items will open in the list, fully transfer files to Mac local.


    Note: If you have firmly connect your iPhone to Mac, but the software is unable to detect it, you should firstly check whether your iPhone version id undated to iOS 5 or above.

    Step 2: Transfer iPhone iMessage to Mac
    In the left column, click “SMS” option to reveal all the SMS information with detail, such as Mobile number, date and content. Click the “Export the selected files to local” button (the one marked with a red box in the following image) in the toolbar and tick the items you want to transfer to Mac. You can also input the concrete name in the “Search” bar to look for your iMessage files.

    Before transferring the data, you’ll be asked to select the file type and a target folder to save the transferred iMessages files to Mac local. Choose “TXT” type and select a storage path and click “OK” to start transferring and save your transferred files.



    Bingo! The whole process of transferring just takes you few minutes and the simple interface and detailed introduction of iPhone to Mac Transfer program never bother greenhorns and make them master the program at ease. It is not designed just for transferring iMessages from iPhone to Mac.

    iPhone to Mac Transfer, with various and powerful functions, is becoming a necessary tool for Mac users to export and edit almost all the data, such as rip, copy and manage your files from iPhone5/4S/4 to MacBook/Laptop/iTunes.

    http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/transfer-imessage-from-iphone-to-mac/feed/ 1
    iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode after Update http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/ipad-stuck-in-recovery-mode-after-update/ http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/ipad-stuck-in-recovery-mode-after-update/#comments Tue, 20 May 2014 14:50:54 +0000 http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/?p=777 Yesterday I tried updating to iOS 10 via Wi-Fi, which turned out to be a big mistake I later reckoned. While the download went fine, when the iPad rebooted it is stuck in recovery mode (iTunes and connector symbol). When I connect it to my computer it says that it recognizes an iPad in recovery mode and that I have to restore it. I try to restore it but it instantly gets an error saying that the update is not available. While I understand this might be a problem with the servers, I’m worried that I’ll have this problem when I try again tonight. When I almost want to give up, I unintentionally find a way to get out of recovery mode without restoring.

    If you have the similar experience as mine, you can follow my way to go. All you need is the powerful iPad program – iPhone Data Recovery (Mac), or iPhone Data Recovery (Windows). With it, you can effectively get your iPad out of the recovery mode.

    Now free download the trial version below to have a shot:

    Tutorial 1: How to Solve iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

    1. Connect your iPad to the PC, and then run the program.
    2. If you’re running Windows operating system, you can see the program’s interface below. Click Restart and you can resolve this problem in a few seconds.


    If you’re running Mac OS on your computer, click Set Up on the program’s window.

    3. When the iPad restarted, it will return to normal again.

    If you have lost data on your iPad after this situation or you just want to back up the data on your iPad, you can use this software to scan your iPad to recover and save the data on it to your computer as well.

    Tutorial 2: How to Recover Data from Your iPad

    1. Scan your iPad

    This program supports all kinds of iPads. If yours is iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, The new iPad or iPad 2, the program’s window will be as follows. You just need to click Start Scan to find data on your iPad.


    If yours is iPad 1, you need to follow the message from the program to Download a plug-in, and then enter the iPad’s DFU mode to scan data:
    1. Hold your iPad and then click the “Start” button.
    2. Hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for exactly 10 seconds. The program will count the time.
    3. Release the “Power” button but keep holding the Home button. After another 10 seconds, you’ll be informed that you’ve successfully entered the system and you can release the Home button now.
    Then the program begins to scan your iPad automatically for data.

    2. Preview and recover data on your iPad

    As a matter of fact, you can begin previewing the found data during the scan. When you’ve found out what you want, you can halt or stop the scan at any time. Choose those you want back and click Recover to save them on your computer with one click.


    Note: Data you find there includes deleted data and existing data on your iPad. To separate them, you can use the sliding button on the top: Only display the deleted items.

    http://www.ipadconverter-mac.com/ipad-stuck-in-recovery-mode-after-update/feed/ 32