iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode after Update

Yesterday I tried updating to iOS 10 via Wi-Fi, which turned out to be a big mistake I later reckoned. While the download went fine, when the iPad rebooted it is stuck in recovery mode (iTunes and connector symbol). When I connect it to my computer it says that it recognizes an iPad in recovery mode and that I have to restore it. I try to restore it but it instantly gets an error saying that the update is not available. While I understand this might be a problem with the servers, I’m worried that I’ll have this problem when I try again tonight. When I almost want to give up, I unintentionally find a way to get out of recovery mode without restoring.

If you have the similar experience as mine, you can follow my way to go. All you need is the powerful iPad program – Try Fix Recovery, With it, you can effectively get your iPad out of the recovery mode.

Now free download the trial version below to have a shot:

Tutorial 1: How to Solve iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

1. Connect your iPad to the PC, and then run the program.
2. If you’re running Windows operating system, you can see the program’s interface below. Click Restart and you can resolve this problem in a few seconds.


If you’re running Mac OS on your computer, click Set Up on the program’s window.

3. When the iPad restarted, it will return to normal again.

If you have lost data on your iPad after this situation or you just want to back up the data on your iPad, you can use this software to scan your iPad to recover and save the data on it to your computer as well.

Tutorial 2: How to Recover Data from Your iPad

1. Scan your iPad

This program supports all kinds of iPads. If yours is iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, The new iPad or iPad 2, the program’s window will be as follows. You just need to click Start Scan to find data on your iPad.


If yours is iPad 1, you need to follow the message from the program to Download a plug-in, and then enter the iPad’s DFU mode to scan data:
1. Hold your iPad and then click the “Start” button.
2. Hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for exactly 10 seconds. The program will count the time.
3. Release the “Power” button but keep holding the Home button. After another 10 seconds, you’ll be informed that you’ve successfully entered the system and you can release the Home button now.
Then the program begins to scan your iPad automatically for data.

2. Preview and recover data on your iPad

As a matter of fact, you can begin previewing the found data during the scan. When you’ve found out what you want, you can halt or stop the scan at any time. Choose those you want back and click Recover to save them on your computer with one click.


Note: Data you find there includes deleted data and existing data on your iPad. To separate them, you can use the sliding button on the top: Only display the deleted items.

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