iPod to iPad Transfer for mac – Transfer songs from iPod, iPod touch to iPad


Just got a new iPad and can’t wait to transfer music from your iPod to iPad or iPad 3G? If you have all your iPod songs in your iTunes, that would be pretty easy, just sync them to your iPad. However, you might want to transfer songs that are only available on your iPod, or copy some songs from your family or friends’ iPod to your iPad. In these situations, you can achieve the task by copying your iPod songs to your Mac, and then sync them to iPad.

How to transfer music from iPod to iPad with Mac

SyncPod is an easy-to-use program that can help you transfer your songs to Mac, saving you hassle of changing the settings on your Mac and you might accidently erasing all iPad content with iTunes. You can easily copy iPod songs to iPad or iPad 3G with a few clicks with SyncPod.

Download it for free here:

1Launch SyncPod and then connect iPod to Mac

Click “Music” or “Movies” playlist and then tick the files you want to export.

Load movies to the DVD to iPad Converter for Mac

2Save iPod music to iTunes

Click “iPod To iTunes” to start transferring your music file to your Mac, select a destination folder to save your iPod music and click “OK”

3Sync iTunes library to iPad

iPod music to iPad transferring on Mac can is now a breeze with SyncPod. Just transfer iPod songs to your Mac, and then sync them to your iPad, easily transfer any iPod’s music to your new iPad.

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