How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPad

Have you got a new iPad Mini as a gift and want to transfer music from iPhone 5 to iPad? Or would you like to share some excellent music albums with your friends? Or do you want to backup music in iPad to avoid losing them? If you are facing above problems, TunesGo is highly appreciated.

With TunesGo, you can not only copy music, but also playlist, photos, Contacts and SMS with ease. With it, you can manage files in your iPhone 5 and iPad effortlessly.

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Simple Guidance: How to Copy Music from iPhone 5s to iPad?

In the following part, I will show you steps to transfer songs from iPhone to iPad with the help of the apps.
Step 1: Run the apps and connect devices with computer
Install and run the program. Connect your Apple devices with computer via two USB cables. The apps will detect devices automatically. If connected successfully, the interface pops up. Contents on iPhone 5 and iPad are on the left column, you can manage them in the window.


Step 2: Transfer music from iPhone 5 to iPad On the left list, click “Media” to display the management window. Click the icon “Music” on the top line. Then select songs you want. Click the triangle under “Export to”. In the pull-down list, choose to export to your iPad.


Good performance. Music file has been moved to your iPad. Check it now. TunesGo is fully compatible with all iPhone and iPad models. I bet you can’t wait to try it. Download it from here.

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